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{{Mutants |color = 8B0000 |color2 = 8B4513 |image = Honey Bunny

|image =

Honey Bunny

Honey Bunny 2

|name = Honey Bunny |type = SaberZoomorph Saber/Zoomorph |Xatkpwr = Very Low |Xlife = Weak |Xspd = Very Fast |hp = 765 |spd = 10 |atk = Saber Rabbit's Revenge
Saber Rabbit's Revenge+

Zoomorph Rabbit Rush
Zoomorph Rabbit Rush+ |resist = Necro Necro
Mythic Mythic |weak = Cyber Cyber
Zoomorph Zoomorph}she is the hottest of all mutant has huge tits and many masturbate thinking of her (being fucked)

—Mutopedia's description


Rabbit's Revenge+Edit

17-08-2013 15-32-39 1

Rabbit RushEdit

03-08-2013 11-34-54 1


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