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Mutants: Genetic GladiatorsEdit

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Welcome to Mutants: Genetic Gladiators wiki, this is unofficial wiki for the game and enjoy!

About Mutants: Genetic GladiatorsEdit

Mutants: Genetic Gladiators is turn based game, where you can fight, mix and collect mutants. Made by Kobojo this game is launched and available at Facebook to play.

Mutant TypesEdit

Mutant Type

At this early stage of the game their are six base types of mutants to choose from. They can be combined at a breeding center to create numerous species of hybrid mutants. 

The six mutant types are:


Cyber Compound, Saber Compound, Necro CompoundEdit

Cost 5000 coin to build. Houses 2 mutants of these types.

Super version costs 15,000 and some level requirements.

Mega Version costs 25,000 and some level requirements.

Zoomorph CompoundEdit

Cost 25000 to build and houses 2 mutants of this type.

Super version costs 37,500 and level 12 requirements.

Mega version costs 65,000 and level 17 requirements.

Galactic CompoundEdit

100,000 coin and level 24 required.

Super version costs 150,000 and level 24.

Mega version costs 250,000 and level 29 requirements.

Mythic CompoundEdit

500,000 coin and level 36 required.

Super version costs 750,000 and level 36.

Mega version costs 1,250,000 and level 41 requirements.

Super CompoundsEdit

Houses 3 mutants of the particular type and requires 1 friend's help or 10 gold to upgrade to. (There are also level requirements) Size 8x8.

Mega CompoundsEdit

Houses 4 mutants of the particular type. Size 9x9. Currently the biggest compound available.

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