Planet Cleaner
26-08-2013 8-54-01
Type GalacticCyber Galactic/Cyber
Attack Destructive
Life Resistant
Speed Very Slow
Health Points 1187
Speed 3.57
Attacks Galactic Disintegrator

Galactic Disintegrator+

Cyber Techno Rage
Cyber Techno Rage+

Resistant to Cyber Cyber

Zoomorph Zoomorph

Weak against Necro Necro

Mythic Mythic

"You wouldn't want this guy to tickle you. but there's nothing quite like watching him run his diamond tipped blade through somebody else. I got to say I prefer my maid but the planet cleaner does an impressive job of mopping up in the arena."

—Mutopedia's description

Cross Breeding InfoEdit

Rj serafica Alien+vencent robot
Robot+Astro Surfer

or any combination Galactic+Cyber