• 3 additional PVE campaigns.
  • Now 4 divisions, Alpha, Beta, Delta and Omega Division.
  • Beta, Delta and Omega divisions are designed for higher level players and the rewards include Credits, Bronze stars, Silver stars and Gold Stars.

  • Single Gene Mutants now have a 4th attack.
  • Unlocked at lvl 15.
  • Existing single Gene mutants lvl 15+ will automatically get this new attack.

  • You can now refresh your tag team partners before the 24 hour time has run out.
  • When picking tag team for battle players can use gold to reuse a friend before the 24 hour time limit has passed

  • We now sell a ticket cap increase in the store.
  • Ticket cap can now be increased via the shop.

  • Compounds now use time to upgrade instead of friend requests.
  • Change required for future game updates and to assist players with less active friends than others.

  • Optimisation of Friends lists to improve performance for players with large lists.

  • Bug fixes and Balancing changes.

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